Author Topic: ‘Running Scared’: Industry’s Strategy Wants ‘Voluntary’ GMO Labeling  (Read 102 times)


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Seemingly tired of fighting the GMO labeling battle against concerned consumers on a state by state basis, the largest food industry lobbying groups, according to documents obtained by Politico, are now preparing to push for a corporate-friendly set of laws and regulations at the federal level.

With recent and ongoing campaigns by food safety advocates in California, Hawaii, Washington, Connecticut, and other states pushing for clear labeling of food products that contain genetically-modified organisms (called GMOs or GE food), the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) is leading the industry with a new federal strategy designed to override the push by states calling for labeling laws.

At the heart of the strategy would be a push to make GMO labeling a “voluntary” and industry-driven effort, which would throw off attempts to mandate the practice.

“Industry is running scared because consumers, armed with the truth about the health and safety risks of GMOs, want laws that are at least as strict as those passed in 60 other countries.” –Katherine Paul, Organic Consumers Association
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