Author Topic: Don't let that cop search your car! The U.S. Supreme Court Has Already Ruled Tha  (Read 52 times)


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Don't let that cop search your car! The U.S. Supreme Court Has Already Ruled That Traffic Citations DO NOT Justify A Vehicle Search

Oftentimes, motorists can be seen sitting in the gutter or on the curb of the sidewalk while cops dig through their vehicles after a traffic stop. It seems to have become a regular occurrance - police pull someone over, get the driver to witlessly admit to the traffic offense (recording their admissions and using it against them), then escalate the situation to the point where the driver and passengers (often young and poor, unaware of their rights) are tricked into giving the officer consent to search their vehicle and invade their privacy without any reasonable suspicion, probable cause, or warrant.

I saw it recently at a taco place. This woman in the photos was pulled over by a CHP officer, who started immediately rummaging through the woman's vehicle while she obediently stood at the cops car and watched. In the photo to the right, you can see the officer's boot as the rest of his body is inside the car, with him rummaging through the woman's back seat. Later, he digs through her purse on the hood of his car as she stands there and watches.
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