Author Topic: Should the Government Track Your Movements?  (Read 98 times)


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Should the Government Track Your Movements?
« on: December 29, 2016, 07:32:30 AM »
Should the Government Track Your Movements?

A battle over license-plate readers is brewing in Virginia.

A. Barton Hinkle | December 28, 2016

If you are walking down a public street, should you expect people not to see you? Of course not. But suppose someone decides to follow you—and to make records noting the time and place of your movements. Is that the same thing as simply noticing you happen to be out and about? No. Most people would agree the second case differs from the first.

Yet a Fairfax judge unfortunately failed to pick up on that distinction recently when he ruled in favor of the county's use of license plate readers. Fairfax's police department uses automated license plate readers that can scan 3,600 plates per minute. The county compares the plates to a hot list of stolen cars and other vehicles that might have been involved in a crime. It also stores the image of every plate, along with the date, time and location of each plate recording, for 364 days.

Three years ago Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) issued an opinion informing law enforcement agencies around the state that such activity is impermissible. It's one thing to use the cameras to hunt down a specific vehicle. It's another thing entirely to hoover up data about countless ordinary citizens going about their daily business, and then keep it indefinitely. The use of license-plate readers during an immediate threat to public safety is acceptable, Cuccinelli said, but their passive use during routine patrols is not, and neither is the practice of storing data from them. The need for collecting the information should be established before they are used, he wrote.


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Re: Should the Government Track Your Movements?
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2016, 07:58:09 AM »
The government is not a thing.  It is people.  People who have usurped power through the delusion of "the vote."  If "government" can watch us, then we the people have EVERY RIGHT to keep an eye on them.  In the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the gay movie theater... every where they haunt.  We got no right to privacy, they got no right to privacy.  They can't magic up a an "authority" because they refer to themselves as "government."
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Re: Should the Government Track Your Movements?
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2017, 11:54:48 AM »
Speaking of tracking peoples movements.....

The state of New York has privately asked surveillance companies to pitch a vast camera system that would scan and identify people who drive in and out of New York City, according to a December memo obtained by Vocativ

The government will do what it wants. It's for your 'protection', you know. sarcasm