Author Topic: K-12: Quacks Rule  (Read 23 times)


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K-12: Quacks Rule
« on: April 19, 2017, 08:01:45 AM »
K-12: Quacks Rule

By Bruce Deitrick Price
In 1950 Harvard-educated businessman Albert Lynd published an attack on our Education Establishment.  His book was aggressively titled Quackery in the Public Schools.

That title resonates with contempt.  Quackery?!  I suspect that the people running our schools had never heard themselves discussed in this insolent manner.  Probably this word sounded even ruder in the more polite 1950s than it does today.  In any case, quackery is the perfect distillation of this spectacularly disingenuous field.

Lynd's book shows that almost 70 years ago, education was already deeply corrupted.  Its true direction could not be revealed, which was to subvert traditional education and replace it with socialist indoctrination.  The challenge for the Education Establishment was to recruit and shape people who would perpetuate this secret sabotage so that, for example, 70 years into the future (i.e., today), the field would still be undermining what has traditionally worked.  We must admit that the top brass have been successful.

Lynd's shrewd, sarcastic book is one of the best early exposés of how John Dewey and Gang dumbed down the schools.   It's still a good read (and still available on Amazon).  Lynd is smarter, better educated, and more ethical than the people he writes about.  He depicts education as a wasteland focused on controlling doctrine while generating big bucks.  Lynd is alert to something that almost everyone else misses: the quasi-communists sabotaging the school system are skillful capitalists.  Their ideological crusade funds itself!
Ignorance, illiteracy, and maybe some cooking – that's the perennial goal of the quackery entrenched in our public schools.

The goals have been met.  :rant: