Author Topic: Ancient Life in Our Solar System Not Ruled Out  (Read 35 times)


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Ancient Life in Our Solar System Not Ruled Out
« on: May 03, 2017, 09:42:08 AM »
Ancient Life in Our Solar System Not Ruled Out

By Cathy Burke 

The possibility a long-gone, technologically advanced civilization once flourished somewhere in our solar system has never been ruled out and its traces are just waiting to be discovered, a provocative new paper argues.

Penn State astrophysicist Jason Wright, writing the paper "Prior Indigenous Technological Species," which was posted on the online research archive ArXiv, says if a technological species existed in our solar system, it might have originated on Earth, or a "pre-greenhouse" Venus, or on Mars when it still had flowing water, NBC News reported.

And it might have left behind "technosignatures" a range of possible artifacts that include archaeological ruins and old mining operations as well as synthetic chemicals or nuclear isotopes that could have been created only by technological processes, Wright contended.

The hunt should focus on Mars, where they could be lying deep under the surface, the Earth's moon, and the rocky moons and asteroids of the outer solar system or even in "large structures free-floating in space" that were left over from the hypothetical civilization, Wright argues.

"I'd like people who think about ancient Earth archaeologists and paleontologists to consider how we can rule out a prior indigenous technological species," Wright told NBC News.

His theory is possible, but is it probable?