Author Topic: Texas Takes Big Step Toward Freedom From Fed's Money Monopoly  (Read 45 times)


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Lawmakers in the Texas House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill approving the establishment of a bullion depository, preparing the Lone Stare state’s bypass of the Federal Reserve’s exclusive control of currency.

House Bill 3169 was introduced in March by State Representative Giovanni Capriglione. Passed by the House May 4, it makes a multi-faceted assault on the Fed’s mismanaged money monopoly, including provisions for overseeing the depositing of “state money” and the setting of rates of exchange between precious metals stored in the facility and other currencies, including U.S. dollars.

Language in a state bill referring to U.S. dollars in a way that makes them sound like foreign currency, is refreshing as it represents an apparently sincere effort to sever the ties binding individual Americans to the boom-bust boondoggle that is the Federal Reserve.

Watch out Texas! Every time a state has oil and threatens the supremacy of the fed petrodollar, bad things happen. Lone Star Beer will be declared a weapon of mass destruction and a U.S.led coalition will invade to establish democracy in the rogue state.  :001_rolleyes:


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Re: Texas Takes Big Step Toward Freedom From Fed's Money Monopoly
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2017, 12:12:17 PM »
Very interesting event, and one we should probably follow as time goes by. Texas has been talking about setting up an independent republic for decades, could this be their first step?