Author Topic: Southern nationalists again crying “secede”  (Read 9 times)


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Re: Southern nationalists again crying “secede”
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 09:05:50 AM »
The south has never given up on the idea that they were within their rights to secede.  Even if a supreme court packed with a bunch of the Tyrant's henchmen declared otherwise.

It comes down to this:

Who owns you
If you own yourself, can anyone force you into an association
If they don't have the right to force you into an association do they have the right force you to stay in an association that you don't want to belong to
Do people have the right to self govern
Do people have the right to reject oppressive government
Do governments  derive their legitimacy from the consent of the people
If a majority of the people choose to leave a government, does that government have the authority to force the people to stay in an association that they have rejected.

I'm guessing you can figure out which side of the argument I'm on.
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